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Born from the small, hole-in-the-wall "hippie" retail locations characteristic of San Francisco in the early 70's, Piedmont Boutique opened its doors in the heart of the Castro in October of 1972. Originally specializing in consignment merchandise, oils and incense our little shop has grown to be the major source for the charismatic customers who flock to our shop from all over the world to own not only the hottest brand but to also shop at a retailer who is committed to locally USA made merchandise. With disco-party wear, drag queen regalia, and the ever evolving "be who you are" mentality so common on the streets of San Francisco, Piedmont Boutique provides its clients with a never ending range of costume articles for any (and all) special events.

 In 1981 we moved our headquarters to rest at the heart of the non-stop Haight-Ashbury party and we have been proud to call this unique neighborhood our home ever since. Then in 1982, we introduced an accessory line strictly produced in San Francisco, keeping to our theory that San Franciscans knows how to create unique designs unlike any other city. Soon after we were honored throughout the United States as the "Junior Showcase Line" in every major department store nationwide and bringing our brand to over 1,000 small stores across the US.

 Our ideals and brand did not stop there. In 1987 we began producing all of our own clothing, accessories, hats, and lingerie in our San Francisco factory. We are honored to be considered by many in our community of artists and creators as an institution here in San Francisco. After surviving decades in business, we have stayed true to our company's mission by producing 90% of all our products ourselves right here in the USA and offering these products solely at our retail location on Haight Street until the inception of our website in December of 2012. Because of this, we are incomparable to any store anywhere else in the world. We truly are proud of this feat- we stand as an an individual retailer just as the items we sell offer our customers, the chance to be an individual as well. Our customers today are not simply one looking for a unique and fun way to dress themselves for a party or event. We are well-known and respected amongst celebrity stylists as well as costume designers for both film and stage. The entertainment industry considers us the "best kept secret" with our clients ranging from Pop Rock, The Band, Annie Sprinkles and Beth Stephens, Cassandra Cass, the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, as well as other well-known acts. Our products even grace the cover a Digital Underground album! Our identity is ever-evolving and growing- we are considered the "Burner Store" during the months approaching Burning Man, the "Halloween Store" in September and October, forever the "Drag Queen Store" amongst San Francisco's fabulous participants and the "Essential Store" by any and all who step foot into our retail location. We are almost always the first stop for group productions and dance performances, Carnival parade participants, and we are ever dressing individuals who attend theme parties such as "70's" themes, "Superhero" themes and "Movie Star" themes- the themes we hear are almost as endless as our abilities to dress our clients however they wish! Not only do we have something for everyone in our store we also offer both men and women's attire completely customizable in as little as 2-3 days. 

The options to express yourself at Piedmont are infinite.
The quality of our products is impeccable and we refuse to be equivalent to other costume retailers.

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